Agreement for sale (subject to planning)

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This document contains a draft agreement for the sale of property conditional upon the grant of planning permission.

This document uses the same agreement template as is used for the Property PSL agreements for sale with vacant possession and subject to leases. It therefore incorporates the Standard Commercial Property Conditions (2nd Edition), and can be used either on the sale of registered or unregistered freehold or leasehold land.

The agreement is conditional upon the buyer obtaining a Satisfactory Planning Permission. Provisions regarding the obtaining of planning permission are included in Schedule 3 of the agreement. Other conditions of the agreement may be included in clause 3 of the agreement. The provisions for obtaining planning are able to be drafted so as either to provide a developer-buyer with a high level of discretion as to whether the condition of the agreement is satisfied, or to provide a more evenly balanced type of conditional agreement. The options available for the draftsperson are pointed out in the drafting notes.

Before using this precedent document, it is advisable to read the drafting notes accompanying it. If you have any queries or comments about this document or the drafting notes, use the contact tab at the top of the page.

For detailed drafting notes on the basic sale and purchase provisions of this agreement, see the Property PSL Agreement for Sale (with vacant possession).

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