Clause bank - leases

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Additional clauses for inclusion in leases are attached below. These are:

  • Index linked rent review - enabling rent to rise to the greater of a Market Rent and an index linked rent (or indeed, a fixed increase);
  • A standard tenant's break right (subject to conditions);
  • A personal tenant's break right (subject to conditions);
  • An option to renew a lease on a contracted-out basis;
  • A service charge cap clause - capping a service charge at a fixed amount per sq. m. rising in line with inflation (or a fixed index). (Drafting notes are included);
  • A service charge limitation clause - enabling a tenant to state precisely which costs it will not contribute to;
  • A surrender-back clause - allowing a landlord to force a surrender if the tenant wishes to assign. (Drafting notes are included);
  • A mortgagee protection clause - restricting a landlord's right to forfeit without first notifying a mortgagee and allowing the mortgagee to prevent the forfeiture. (Drafting notes are included in the precedent).
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