CPI Update 201 - February 2021

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For subscribers, the February 2021 issue of the CPI Update appears attached below, and deals with the following cases:

  • Drainage easements and riparian rights - Bernel Ltd v Canal and River Trust.
  • Waiver of the right to forfeit - Faiz v Burnley Borough Council.
  • 1954 Act opposition to renewal - Kent v Guest.
  • Rent suspension clauses in leases - Chana v CC Properties (Yorkshire) Ltd.
  • The ability to register a Land Registry restriction - Sensar Ltd, R (On the Application Of) v Chief Land Registrar.
  • Electronic Communications Code and 1954 Act rights - Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v Ashloch Ltd & AP Wireless II (UK) Ltd.

There is also consideration of:

  • HMRC update on VAT on early termination fees.
  • A consultation to reform the Electronic Communications Code.
  • A right to regenerate (reform of the right to contest).
  • Residential leasehold reform of long leases.
  • New SDLT forms to deal with the 2% surcharge.
  • Land Transaction Tax transitional provisions.
  • Getting rid of a rentcharge.
  • Replying to Land Registry requisitions.
  • Law Society Q&As on electronic signatures.

Published on 1 February 2021.