CPI Update 130 - January 2015

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For subscribers, the January 2015 issue of the CPI Update appears attached below, and deals with the following cases:

  • Hardy v Griffiths - an application of the principle of caveat emptor, and an analysis of deposit shortfall clauses;
  • Lankester & Son Ltd v Rennie - can assignments in equity get a tenant off the hook?
  • Schubert Murphy v The Law Society – is the Law Society liable for wrongly registered a fraudulent conveyancer?
  • Assethold Limited v Watts - are tenants liable to pay the landlord’s costs of third party litigation under a service charge clause?
  • Saturn Leisure Ltd v Havering London Borough Council - compensation for misrepresentation under the 1954 Act;
  • Salford Estates (No.2) Ltd v Altomart Ltd - a winding-up petition is stayed pending alternative dispute resolution;
  • Charalambous & Karali v Ng & Ng - tenancy deposit scheme rules can affect pre-2007 tenancies.

In addition, there is coverage of:

  • The changes made to SDLT assessments in the Autumn Statement;
  • Publication of the Law Commission’s final report on Rights to Light;
  • DEFRA’s latest position on Flood Re regulations;
  • Pre-emption rights - are old rights still binding?
  • New development and utilities connections.

Published on 2 January 2015.