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No movement on chancel repair liability

A private members’ bill was been introduced into parliament last year – The Chancel Repairs Bill 2014 (HL Bill No.38) to attempt an abolition of chancel repair liability. Introduced into the House of Lords, its first reading took place on 16 July. It is described as a Bill to make provision for ending the liability of lay rectors for the repair of chancels. It applies only to England only. Its provisions are brief.

A contracting purchaser has no capacity to create a proprietary right.

The Supreme Court judgment in Scott v Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd & Ors [2014] UKSC 52 relates to a residential property sale and lease back (equity release) scheme that went badly wrong for the owners of various properties in the North East. The finding of the Supreme Court confirms how badly wrong the scheme went. However, the reasoning given by the Court raises issues for transactions beyond those in this case.

Liability under professional consultants' certificates requires reliance

The case of Hunt & Ors v Optima (Cambridge) Ltd & Ors [2014] EWCA Civ 714 involves claims by eight purchasers against Optima, the developer of a block of flats, and Strutt & Parker (S&P) who were engaged by the developer to issue architects’ certificates to purchasers of flats in relation to the construction work.

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Reliance upon a Professional Consultant's Certificate in new-builds

What is the usefulness to a buyer of the type of Professional Consultant's Certificate in new-build conveyancing referred to in the CML Handbook?

Restraining possible breaches of covenant by injunction

How willing are the courts to order an interim injunction to restrain a possible breach of a restrictive covenant? This was a point considered in Hicks v 89 Holland Park (Management) Ltd (2014) Ch D (18 July 2014).

Is your lease user covenant restrictive or positive?

The case of Youssefi v Mussellwhite [2014] EWCA Civ 885 appears to be little more than an opposed business lease renewal dispute involving various fault grounds under section 30(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. However, there are one or two other interesting features to the case - most notably the interpretation of the lease user covenant.

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Compensation for public works

If a new major road is built very close to a person’s property, but no part of that property is actually required to be purchased/used for the new road, is it the case that the landowner in questio

What is meant by the phrase “public auction” in the exceptions to section 2 LP(MP)A 1989?

What is meant by the phrase “public auction” in the exceptions to section 2 LP(MP)A 1989? Is an online property auction a public auction?

Notice to Quit under s27(2) L&T Act 1954

1. Can a tenant serve Notice to Quit by e-mail when holding over on a commercial lease?
2. Do the Lease provisions or statutory provisions on Notices govern service in such cases?

Recent CPI Archives

CPI Update 132 - March 2015

The March 2015 issue of the CPI Update deals with the following cases:

  • Barclays Bank Plc v Grant Thornton UK LLP – how disclaimers negate duties of care in relation to negligent misstatements;
  • Oxfordshire County Council v DCLG – disallowed monitoring fees under section 106 agreements;
  • HMRC v Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health – a sale subject to an agreement for lease was not a TOGC.

...and many more.

CPI Update 131 - February 2015

For subscribers, the February 2015 issue of the CPI Update appears attached below, and deals with the following cases:

  • Ramsay v Love – whether use of a signature writing machine can create a valid guarantee;
  • Zinc Cobham 1 Ltd v Adda Hotels – a valid form of repeat guarantee under the 1995 Act;

...and many more...

CPI Update 130 - January 2015

The January 2015 issue of the CPI Update deals with the following cases:

  • Hardy v Griffiths - an application of the principle of caveat emptor, and an analysis of deposit shortfall clauses;
  • Lankester & Son Ltd v Rennie - can assignments in equity get a tenant off the hook?
  • Schubert Murphy v The Law Society – is the Law Society liable for wrongly registered a fraudulent conveyancer?

...and many more